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Florida State Certified Marine Contractor Boat House Repair

We are Florida State Certified Marine Contractors covering all of Central Florida. We repair boathouses, docks, decks and seawalls. If your boathouse is too far gone, we also build custom luxury residential boat houses and other marine structures including decks, docks, seawalls, bulkheads, retaining walls,pedestrian bridges, boardwalks, marinas, piers, stone revetments and other marine projects


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We are one of the only contractors in Orlando that carry the required United States Longshoreman and Harbor Workers Act Insurance. Our boathouses and docks utilize square piles or round piling. Our boathouses are custom made with covered activity decks and entertainment centers. We install all types of piling for your boathouse including vinyl, aluminum, concrete, wood and fiberglass. We offer the most advanced construction methods and materials such as pile driving for residential docks instead of just jetting the piling. This is important for the longevity of your marine structure here in Florida when the frequent hurricanes damage our shorelines. We also offer other “Green Marine” construction materials and methods such as fiberglass framing and recycled decking. Rick Fender was the Founding President of the Florida Marine Contractor’s Association. S Florida State Certified Marine Specialty License #SCC131150688. Florida State Certified General Contractor #CGC026854.


What We Provide


Are you tired of transporting your boat a far distance to get to the water on your property? Are you worried about the security of your boats when you go inside? We are experts at everything marine construction and boathouses are one of our specialties. We can build a boathouse directly on your property that will make storing and accessing your boats easy.


We are experts at constructing basic and custom boathouses in Orlando, FL.


Our basic boathouses are pre-designed and constructed using a plan that we have perfected. One of the main benefits of our basic boathouses is that they are relatively simple in nature. When you turn to us at Fender Marine Construction for a basic boathouse, we will be able to build one for your property quickly, efficiently, and affordably.


We are more than happy to work with you to create a custom boathouse. Because we value customer service, we will work with you every step of the way. You may suspect that building a custom boathouse may exceed your budget, we guarantee that our rates are affordable, so attaining the boathouse you always wanted can become a reality. Contact us today for a quote on your specific boathouse project!


Remaining the BEST


No matter the job, we will always provide our professional services to our customers. We are here for our customers and will answer there calls no matter the time of the day…emergency or a minor job, we will be there. We will always put our customers first and give them what they deserve, a company that will suite there needs no matter what. In the cases of emergencies, we will make sure we are there directly and in a timely fashion.

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Found the number on Google, one call and there were on there way! Fender Marine Construction showed up gave a decent estimate and completed the work in a professional and timely manner.
Tina I.
Lake Nona
Excellent customer service and a job well done. Fender Marine!!!!
Brian S.
The office staff was extremely helpful and customer oriented. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I'd recommend Fender Marine Construction to anyone.
April F.
New Smyrna Beach